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Rental Car Manager Azure Migration

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Rental Car Manager Azure Migration


We are excited to announce that we are migrating our datacentre and services infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform. This will help us improve our services to your business with even more security, stability and scalable technologies. We want you to be aware of these changes and ask that you read this carefully to help ensure the transition to our new systems causes you as little disruption as possible.

This Knowledge base Article will detail both the migration process that will take place and also the changes that have been made to RCM’s functionality as part of the migration.

Migration Process

During the migration process the RCM Support team will be in regular contact to keep you informed of the process. If at any point you have questions you can get in touch with the Support team

Leading up to the migration we will be working with you regarding any changes that might need to be made to your system.

In some cases, a username may need to be changed, however this is unlikely, and we will advise you if it is required.

At this point in time we do recommend that all your operators take a note of their username and password. We ask you to do this as previous login details saved in their browser will not work for the new login URL. We recommend, from a security point of view, that you do not save the username and password in the browser at all. If one of your users cannot remember their password, they will have to change their password so that know their password.

As part of this migration it is important that you ensure that each of your users’ information is updated to include a unique email address. You are able to update this information from the User Login Maintenance screen inside RCM.

Moving forward RCM Support will be unable to reset passwords. Operators will be able to use a “Forgot Password” link on the login screen, however this will only work if they have an email address linked to their user.

The only change your RCM users will see is a new login URL. However, if they use the old URL after the migration, they will get a message letting them know their new login URL. They can then save this as a bookmark. As you near the migration date for your system, the RCM Support Team will be in touch and will provide the new Login URL and the also the date that you will need to start using this new login URL.

It is also recommended at this point in time that all operators enable TFA (two factor authentication) to further improve security and reduce the chances of unauthorised access to your system. If you wish to enable TFA or require more information about this please contact RCM Support (

If any of your users are not currently TFA users, we recommend that you enable TFA for them through the new system.

Post-Migration Function Changes

As part of the Azure Migration the following functionality changes have been made to RCM. The following link is for a Knowledge Base article detailing each of these changes. Post Migration Changes

·         Email Templates

Email Servers

·         Sending of emails

·         User Management