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Post Migration Changes - User Management - TFA Setup

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Rental Car Manager Azure Migration

Post Migration Function Changes

User Management – TFA Setup

As part of the Azure Migration we have upgraded the User Maintenance function. Part of this change was to allow you to control the TFA setup for your own users rather than having to contact RCM Support to get it done.

Turning TFA both on and off for a user is quite simple and described below.

Turning TFA On

To turn TFA on for one of your users, simply navigate to the Users screen and click on the Edit button for the User.

Once you are there choose the Manage tab, shown in the image below. To turn TFA on simply click on the “Turn on TFA for this user” button.

You can see in the image below that the message changes to let you know that TFA has been enabled for this user. After you have done this, the next time the user logs into RCM they will be prompted to get a TFA code.

Setting TFA Up

After TFA has been enabled for a user, they will be prompted to receive a TFA code via email. The email will be sent to the email address saved against the user.

Once the email arrives you will have to enter the code from the email into the login screen shown below. 

After you have logged in the first time you can choose to either keep getting the TFA codes via email or use the Google Authentication App on your mobile phone.

Setup Google Authentication App

If you want to use the Authentication App on your phone you will need follow the follow steps after you have installed the Google Authentication App on your mobile phone. It is available from the Google Play Store.

When you are logged into RCM, choose your username in the top right of the screen. This will display a drop-down with two options. Choose the “My Profile” option, see the image below.

On the “Manage Your Profile” screen click on the Enable link under the Authenticator App section, see below.

This will display the barcode that you scan into your Authentication App on your phone. See number 1 in the image below.

Once you have scanned the barcode, simply enter the 6-digit code from the Authentication App into the box marked with a 2 in the image below. Then click the Verify button marked with a 3.

If at any time you want to stop using the Authentication App on your phone and go back to getting the codes sent in an email, simply click on the Disable link shown as number 4 in the image below.

After you have entered the code and verified it, you will see the message shown below which tells you the verification worked and you can start using the Authentication App for TFA codes.