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Post Migration - Email Servers

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Rental Car Manager Azure Migration

Post Migration Function Changes

Email Servers

We have noticed that more and more emails are being incorrectly blocked as Spam when they are being sent using RCM’s email server. To stop this happening, we have implemented a change in our system which will allow you to setup the details for your email server and then any emails sent from RCM will be sent using your email server rather than ours.

One of the advantages of this is that the emails will appear in the Outbox/Sent Items of your email account. This will allow you to be able to easily see when emails were sent and also have a record of what the email actually contained.

Once you have been migrated across to the Azure Server, if you continue using RCM’s email server then your emails will be sent out with a sending address of rather than your email address. We highly recommend that you set up your own Email Server.

Here is a link to the Knowledge Base article which explains how you can setup your Email Server in more detail,Allowing Rental Car Company to Use Their Own Email Servers