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Vehicle Update Changes

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Before identifying the changes to the new Vehicle Update, it is important to note that it does exactly the same as what the previous form use to do. However there are different ways to navigate and access certain features, such as changing a vehicle's registration number, viewing logs etc. This is due to RCM moving across to the Azure platform - some minor visual changes have had to be implemented. This article only outlines the changes in the new Vehicle Update. For more information about the Vehicle Update, and what each feature does, see the Knowledge Base article - 1. Vehicle Update

Old compared to New Vehicle update 

As most of you are aware, the initial vehicle update screen in the past had the option to...

  • Add and edit New PM and Manual Services
  • Utilize Dates 
  • View Vehicle Logs
  • Upload images / documents

You can still do this, however, this done by clicking on the Rego in red and the Access Details button. Note you still have the option to change a vehicle's registration. See screenshot below.

Rego - Vehicle Related Maintenance 

By clicking on the vehicle's rego in red, this is where you will be able to update all relevant fields such as PM services, Rego Expiration and RWC/COF Dates etc. When making updates, always click Submit to save changes. See screenshot below.

Access Details

The most commonly used features here is the Vehicle Log, Change Rego, Manual Services and Images. See screenshot.

Change Rego

Select the "Change Rego" button, and you will be brought to the screen as shown below. Enter the new registration number and click Submit to save changes. 

Once saved, the new registration number will be visible on the Vehicle Details after selecting the Access Details button.See screenshot below.

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