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Customer Invoice Sent And Printed As A PDF Attachment - Only Applies To Azure

Reference Number: AA-01221 Views: 1229 Created: 2020-03-19 14:40 Last Updated: 2020-03-19 14:58 0 Rating/ Voters

Customer Invoices can now be sent and printed as a PDF attachment. This is now the default option. You can change whether you want it sent as a PDF attachment or not under the "Email Invoice" option when going to Booking Documents under the booking itself. Alternatively click on the reservation number in red under the Reservation Enquiry and Update. 

You will then see either of these screens below depending on how you navigated to the booking

Option 1 - Through the Booking Itself  - Go across to "Booking Documents". Here you can determine whether you want invoices sent as a PDF or not

Option 2 - Clicking on the Reservation Number in red under the Reservation Enquiry and Update. Click on "Invoice". Here you can determine whether you want invoices sent as a PDF or not.

The Customer invoice has 5 tabs before it's sent

  1. Options - Whether you want to send the invoice as a PDF attachment or not.
  2. Sender & Recipients - Who you want to send the email from and to who; including CC and BCC.
  3. Message - The message you want to send in the email that the customer will read as well as the invoice that is attached.
  4. Attachments - Any other attachments you want to send other than the invoice.
  5. Preview & Send - What the Customer Invoice will look like before it's sent.

Note you can navigate to each tab by clicking on them, or selecting "Previous" or "Next". "Cancel" to exit out of the Customer Invoice All together.

Print Invoice 

Printing the Customer Invoice is now done as a PDF attachment. See screenshot.

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