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Cancellation and Deferrals (related to COVID -19)

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This Article Outlines

How the concept of Deferring a booking will work

A lot of questions have come in regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, and how bookings can be deferred to a later date. The below article outlines the best way to go about doing this. 

In short, you must cancel the booking (ideally against a new cancellation reason- eg - "Covid Deferred". You can then opt to send a deferral notice to the customer. This is explained in this article. 

It is important to note, that once you have selected a reason for the cancellation/deferral, you are able to update that particular booking for a later date. 

How to cancel a booking related to COVID - 19

  • Set up the cancellation reason - eg - "COVID Deferred". Go to System Setup > Cancellation Reason > Add Cancellation Reason. Click Submit. See screenshot below.

  • Cancel the booking under the Reservation Enquiry and Update. Adjust your dates to filter what bookings you want to be shown. Click on the red "x" alongside the corresponding booking you want to cancel. After cancelling the booking, select the cancellation reason - eg - COVID Deferred and click submit. Once that's been done, click on the reservation number in red on the left side of the report. See screenshot below. Note you can also cancel the booking in the actual booking itself if you wish. 

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How to edit and send the Deferral Cancellation Notice

  • The first step is to setup the new Email Template Text, ie - the Deferral Cancellation Notice. Go to System Setup > System Parameters > Emails Setup > Click "Edit Template" next to the "Email Deferred Booking Cancellation". See Screenshot below.

  • This template should contain any instructions to pass on to the customer, ie - how to re-book, time frames etc. 

There are numerous ways to Navigate to the Email Deferred Confirmation

  • Reservations > Reservation Enquiry and Update > (put in filters to navigate to the booking you wish to find easier) > select the reservation number in red. You will then see the "Email Deferred Cancellation" button at the bottom of the page. (Recommended) See screenshots 1 and 2 below.

The other two options are through the actual booking itself, and go to the end to "Booking Documents". Or go to cancelled bookings and click on the red reservation number in red. You will then see the "Email Deferred Cancellation" button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have selected the "Email Deferred Cancellation" button, you then have the option to CC someone in the email and add any additional notes. You can then view the email as a PDF (before sending) and also email it to the customer. See screenshot.


How to keep track of cancellations related to COVID -19

Note this is an example on how to easily track all bookings that you have cancelled due to COVID- 19. However this applies to any other reason for a booking cancellation. Go to Reports > Booking Status Report > Cancelled Bookings.

  1. After setting your dates and filters, the best way to fast track the cancelled bookings to COVID- 19, select the drop down highlighted and select "cancellation date". This way it is easy for you to navigate the booking that you cancelled in between a certain period - ie - 18 March - 20 March
  2. Select your cancellation reason on the drop down to "Covid Deferred" that you created earlier as shown in this article above. 
  3. Click "View" to run the report. See below.