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E-Signature - attaching PDF version of Rental Agreement to Alert Email when Customer signs

Reference Number: AA-01224 Views: 1957 Created: 2020-04-01 11:26 Last Updated: 2020-04-14 13:19 0 Rating/ Voters

E-Signature - Attaching PDF version of Rental Agreement to Alert Email when Customer Signs

A change has been made to the E-Signature function in relation to the email that is sent to the company when the customer signs the Agreement online.

At the moment an email is sent simply letting the Rental Car Company know that the customer has signed their Rental Agreement.

This change means that a PDF version of the signed Rental Agreement will also be attached to this email notification.

Setting up to Send Confirmation Email

There is an E-Signature setting that determines if the Rental Car Company is automatically emailed to let them know when a customer signs a Rental Agreement, this is shown in the image below.

Setting up Extra Email Address to CC Confirmation Email

The change allows you to set an extra email address to have this confirmation email sent to. This will allow you to setup an email address which is sent a copy of every Rental Agreement no matter what location the booking is for. Adding this new CC email address means that the Locations that were already receiving these confirmation emails will still receive them.

You can setup this email address by following the steps below. It is important to note that you do not need to enter an email address here, if you don’t then the company or location email will be used depending on your system settings.

Under the System Setup menu choose the System Parameters option and then click on the Emails Setup tab. Then choose the option “E-Signature Company Notification”.

You will be shown the screen below, where you simply enter the email address.

Below is an example of the email which will be sent out with an attached PDF version of the signed Rental Agreement.


Sending a Confirmation Email to the Customer once they have Signed Online

We have now added this functionality so an email is sent to the customer once they have signed the rental agreement. This just is just added communication between the company and customer

To enable this function, you will need to set the customer e-signature confirmation parameter to "Yes". Click on the parameter in red. System Setup > System Parameters - Booking Process Parameters.

Setting up Email Confirmation to Customer

From the "Email Set Up" menu (System Setup > System Parameters > Email Set up) you can configure the email details under the "E-Signature Customer Notification" template.

The customer notification is very similar to the confirmation email you get, however you're able to add some additional wording via the email template.