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Reservation Quick Search feature

Reference Number: AA-01225 Views: 1797 Created: 2020-04-16 09:48 Last Updated: 2020-04-30 17:22 0 Rating/ Voters

A new feature has been added to the top of the RCM screen – Reservation Quick Search.

In short, this is a quick way to search all reservations. When you have filled in relevant field/s it will then take you to the Reservation Enquiry and Update page. This is simply a tool to help you find reservations faster with less clicks and navigation.

The screenshot below is the pop-up screen that appears when selecting the Reservation Quick Search option. I have just added the last name that is associated with the booking, but you also have the option to enter the Reservation Number / Reference Number and or the Customer Email. You also have the option to enter the registration number and mobile. It will only search for one field. 

If the user enters the Reservation Number / Reference Number, email and last name is entered, only the last name will be searched. The last name overrides Reservation Number / Reference Number AND email.

If the user enters the Reservation Number / Reference Number AND email, it will search for email and ignore the Reservation Number / Reference Number.

Typing in a singular field that may be incorrect -eg – incorrect last name typed, you will still be taken to the Reservation Enquiry and Update screen, but just with no results being shown. If you enter in two or three of the fields and one is typed in incorrectly, it will search for the correctly entered field depending on importance and ignore the incorrect one.