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E-Signature - Creating Insurance Extra Signable Section

Reference Number: AA-01230 Views: 1485 Created: 2020-06-01 10:29 Last Updated: 2020-06-01 10:29 0 Rating/ Voters

E-Signature – Creating Insurance Extra Signable Section

A change has been made to the E-Signature function to allow for an Extra Singable Section to be flagged as an Insurance section.

This means that when the template text is displayed to the customer both when collecting the signature and showing the signed Rental Agreement, the following two extra things occur:

·         Information about the insurance option on the booking will be displayed. This will be the insurance name, excess fee, and Insurance fee.

·         You can also setup signing options, which allows you to label two options the customer has to choose from when signing. Most people will set these up as Accept and Decline.

We recommend testing this new feature with dummy bookings at first to ensure it works as you are expecting it too.

You may also need to get in touch with RCM Support ( if the information is not being displayed correctly in the signed Rental Agreement.

Setting up Insurance Extra Signable Section

You can create a new Extra Signable section under the E-Signature Setup screen. Simply choose the option highlighted in the image below. This will take you to the Extra Signable Sections screen where you can use the “New Signature Template” button to create the new template.

The screen that you will use to create the new extra signable section is shown below. There are 4 things to note about this screen.

1.       The name that will be displayed for this section.

2.       If you are wanting this to be an Insurance section, you must choose the “This is an insurance template” option.

3.       If you are wanting to ensure that the customer either accepts or declines the insurance option, then you will need to choose the “Enable signing options” option. You will then need to put information in the Option 1 text and Option 2 text fields. This is the label that will be displayed to the customer when they are signing. Most people will be Accept and Decline in these boxes.

4.       The information you enter in the Template Text field will be displayed along with the insurance specific information.

Collecting Signature

The screen below is what the customer will see when they are signing the agreement.

The three areas noted on the image are:

1.       The information you entered as the Template Text.

2.       The information about the insurance option on the booking.

3.       The two options you setup as the signing options. The customer will need to select one of these to continue.

Displaying Signature in Rental Agreement

The image below shows how this section will be displayed in a Rental Agreement that has been signed electronically.

You can see the highlighted line where the option chosen by the customer when signing is displayed.

If the information is not being displayed correctly in the signed Rental Agreement, you will need to get in touch with RCM Support ( so that they can update your Rental Agreement.