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1 Storing a Credit Card securely in Rental Car Manager and ensuring you are PCI compliant.

View Version 2.3 Update Notes Rental Car Manager allows you to securely store your customers credit card(s) against a booking. To ensure that this meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements set out by Visa, Mastercard and other card providers…

2 Summary of Cancelled Bookings in Rental Car Manager

Overview Cancelled bookings in Rental Car Manager are bookings with the reservation 'type' set to 'Cancelled'. When you cancel a booking in Rental Car Manager the details of the booking are retained in the system. However any rental revenue and fees are by…

3 The Reservations Menu

The Reservations Menu Details of Rental Car Manager's Reservations Menu are presented under the Reservations Menu User Manual. The Reservations Menu Before making a reservation, you should have set up your system-related parameters and information as well…